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Asylum Island 10x Development
After finalizing Asylum Island Undead, we have determined that we should have enough resources to setup a single Rust server on our machine. Inline with the traditional Asylum Island, this server will be 10x. When we have more resources, we will also add 5x again.

The 10x server will be in development and testing for a decent amount of time. It has been a few years since I worked on a Rust server, and since then there have been many updates, including Oxide becoming uMod. I will assume that since then a lot of plugins have come and gone. Some that you can expect us to try to add are:

Custom Airdrops
Some Improved HUD
And other QoL plugins

Our goal with the Rust servers is to keep and maintain the old "Asylum Island" feel that they once had. This will be an ongoing project and updates will be posted when possible. Currently the server is in the inital setup stage, and I plan to start work on basic things tomorrow.

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