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After a long period of time with servers down, Asylum Island is back online! This forum is our first step towards rebooting the network and will be used as a hub for all of our servers. As of this post, we have one server fully online (Asylum Island - Vanilla), and one server partially online (Asylum Island - Undead). This is currently the max that we can run at once due to bandwidth limits. Luckily however, we own the servers and thus we don't plan on servers going offline for so long ever again. The only expense the network has is it's share of my company web server, which means we will not be desperate for funds either. 

We do have plans to expand back to Rust in the future, as this is the "home" of Asylum Island. This will take time however, and I can not set a date in the near future for this expansion.

We will be working on the primary website now that the forum is online to give a good place to read up about each server, staff, and other information. I plan to follow this up with building a custom store for Asylum Island, unlike the Enjin store AI Unturned used earlier.

Welcome Back to Paradise!

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